Sew Simple Patterns
It's all about quick and easy!
     We're not just another pattern company. 
We are a pattern company with truly simple patterns.
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It's all about being quick and easy!    
Fun, Fast and so comfortable w/adjustable straps 
Happy Apron #sew-1002      $10.00 free shipping

Finally an apron that will make you happy.  Happy becuse it's so easy and quick...Happy because it's designed to fit YOU...and happy becuse it's so comfortable.  Can be made with or without the optional pocket and there's an easy tip to make your Happy Apron completely reversible.  Three styles to pick from...pieced, all over and pieced with rag edged.
 Keep your tech toys clean, safe and pretty.
The Kerri Bag  #sew-1004
 free shipping
It's not so much about the bag but how hard it is to make or how much time it takes to make it.  The Kerri Bag will shock you in its simplicity.  The large bag will carry a 17" laptop, the medium will carry your iPad and the small will carry your Kindle.  With 6 inside and 6 outside pockets you have plenty of space for all your tech accessories.  What a great way to carry and proctect your tech toys plus make them pretty.
 One Seam Flying Geese Blocks- EASY!
Triple Easy Geese #sew-1027
free shipping

One Seam Flying Geese Blocks?  NO KIDDING! Layer your fabrics with easy to follow color instructions, sew one seam, open and woo-hoo, you have a flying goose block.  Quick and easy...alternate blocks are great for family photo transfer, large prints and embroidery.  It's truly the easist block you'll every make.  Try it and you'll be hooked. 
Reversible, full coverage apron with only 2 pattern pieces, the body and the pcoket 
My Mom's Favorite Apron  #sew-1001
free shipping

This really is my moms favorite apron and soon it will be yours too.  Super easy, reversible and  with only two tissue pattern pieces...the body piece and the pocket piece.  Cut out, layer, sew and turn right sides out, close the neck opening and you have two aprons in the time it took you to make one. You'll love the deep front pocket  too. 
Reversible, only 2 pattern pieces, quick, easy and comfortable
Almost Vintage Apron         #sew-1014 
free shipping

An apron that's easy, quick and has a modern fit with a vintage look.  With only 2 pattern pieces, you can make this in no time at all.  When you're done, you'll have two aprons in the time it took to make one.  Why?  It's reversible.  Deep front pocket is fun and sassy with it's scalloped fold over top.

 No more neck aches as shoulders take all the weight
No Neck Stress Apron
free shipping

Do you find you can't wear the standard tie around your neck apron?  Does it bother your head and neck?  Then you'll fall in love with this apron. Lined, deep pockets and straps that let your shoulders carry the weight makes this an all time family favorite.  After you wear it you will know just what we are talking it's super easy to make.
Make a sunflower, poinsetta, cornflower, daisy, or calla-lily. 
Flower Power Pincushion
free shipping

A cute pincushion that will brighten any sewing room.  Cut a few shapes with the time saving tips, stitch a few stitches, and with a nip and tuck you'll have yourself an adorable pinchusion.  Large pinning area hold lots of pin and needles.  Make one or fill you garden, I mean sewing room. 
So easy youll want to teach your child to make their own 
2 Hour Apron
free shipping

Yes, it's truly an apron you can make in 2 hours or less, even if you're a beginner.  Mom and dad sizes for kitchen and BBQ, and 3 kid sizes for all kinds of fun and messes.  Plus it's so much fun to embellish with rick rack, buttons or anything else you can think of.

Fun, easy with 3 kid sizes 
Sunday Apron
free shipping

Are you a beginner? Now here's a apron that's really quick and easy.  Sew a little, nip and tuck a little,  here and there, finish off with some topstitching and ribbon and you have yourself a Sunday apron. 
Sizes for Mommy-one size fits all, and Toddler, Kids and Youth.  

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