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It's all about quick and easy!
     We're not just another pattern company. 
We are a pattern company with truly simple patterns.
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It's all about being quick and easy!    

Happy Apron 
$10.00 USD Free Shipping

Finally an apron pattern that will make you happy.  Happy because
it's so quick and easy.  Happy because it's so different, new and
exciting and
happy because it's so comfortable.  With 3 different
aprons views to choose from, there's one just for you.  Pattern has
color instructions and diagrams for ease of sewing, great for
beginners.  Also you customize the Happy Apron to fit YOUR
body type.
Ties's are adjustable and apron can easily be 
converted to make it reversible.  
View 1: traditional sewing techniques, pieced
View 2:  traditional sewing techniques, all one fabric
View 3:  traditional sewing techniques, pieced with frayed edges

My Moms Favorite Apron
My Mom's Favorite Apron
$10.00 USD - Free shipping 

This apron has full coverage. It wraps around the sides and
ties in the back. With it's oversize opening, it slips over the
head very easily. The pockets are large enough for any items
you need to keep at hand. You'll find yourself making this for
others when you see how easy and comfortable it truly is with
only 2 pattern components, body and pocket while ties are
strip cut from your fabric.  Just pin front and lining fabric together, 
sew around the outside edge and turn through the neck opening.  
For the time you invest in making one apron, you now have two.

 Back view of apron.                        
Back View Shows full coverage.  Apron wraps around sides to ca

2 Hour Apron - the easiest apron you will ever make!  And Im not kidding! 2 Hour Apron
$10.00 USD    Free Shipping

The 2 Hour Apron is quick and easy. If you have any sewing experience you can make this apron in about one hour. It's reversible so you get double the wear before washing.  (The back won't have any pocket but you can add one if you want.)   The apron ties loosely about your body, below the waist. The ties are also your neck strap so you can adjust how high it rides on your chest. 
Pattern has one size fits:
 Misses S-M-L - 26" L x 22" W   and
                     XL - 31" L x 30" W
                                                                               Also has 3 sizes for children: 
                                                                               Sm:     20"Lx17"W   2-4 yrs old
                                                                               Med:  24"Lx18"W   6-8 yrs old
                                                                               Lg:      30"Lx21"W   8-13 yrs old

Almost Vintage Apron sew-1014Almost Vintage Apron
 $10.00 USD   Free Shipping

  Much like My Mom's Favorite Apron, this apron is reversible, comfortable and  oh sooo easy to make. It's a little slimmer than my other apron so it fits the smaller frame person a little better. It has full coverage but doesn't wrap around the sides of the body quite as far as the My Mom's Favorite Apron.  It too has a large neck opening so that it slip over the head very easily.  Again only 3 pattern components, body, pocket and ties makes this a very quick and easy apron to make.The scallops at the bottom adds a little vintage look. It also has scallops on the pocket, which is nice and deep. It reminds me of an apron my grandma used to wear.  You can  put a pocket on front and back or just one side, the choice is yours.  

Sunday Apron
    $10.00 Free Shipping
Another reversible apron. It's fast and fun to make.   Simply  cut our rectagle, make a few tuck per the pattern template, add ties and you have a finished reversible apron. This apron is made from yardage but you can make it scrappy.  See photo below.
      There's a matching childs apron, Little Sunday apron for that special little person in your life.  Click on the "kids apron" tab and take a peek.
One size fits most for mom's and three sizes for kids.


No Neck Stress Apron No Neck Stress Apron
 $10.00 USD    Free shipping

This is by far my favorite apron. I wear it all the time. You'll love how the straps let your shoulders carry the weight and not your neck.  The straps cross in the back and wraps to the front and is easily tied.  It's great if you have trouble reaching behind you to tie.  Fully lined so it keeps it's shape for long wearing.  ADD TO CARD BUTTON BELOW FOR THIS APRON......PARDON THE WEB ERROR.....WORKING ON GETTING THIS FIX'D

If you have any questions on any pattern please feel free to email me.  I will do my best to get back to you right away.  Thanks 

I ask forgivness for the quality of my photos.  I am definately not a photographer.  Sewing comes much more easily to me than distances, lighting and staging.  Then after you download, there's all that editing to do, EGADS!


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